Immune Supporting Hemp Extract

In a world that contains countless threats to your health, a strong and responsive immune system is the key to feeling active, resilient, and at your best. Crafted with a potent blend of balancing hemp cannabinoids and 18 naturally protective botanicals, SHIELD helps maintain daily immune health & effectively strengthens your body's ultimate line of defense when you're feeling imbalanced.†︎


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Every day your body is under attack. From bacteria and parasites to toxins and viruses, these foreign invaders are biologically programmed to cause harm. A protective internal army, the cells, tissues, and organs that make up your immune system are constantly scanning, guarding, attacking, and recording these invasions. This protection system works constantly to keep you safe and healthy, most times without you even noticing.

Supporting your most important line of defense with SHIELD helps to fortify your immune system’s strength, effectiveness, and response time.



The immune system responds very well to nutritional support and herbal stimulation. SHIELD’s 18 carefully curated botanical ingredients + CBG provide a wide-range of immune-supportive benefits that help to protect you.

  • Supports and stimulates optimal immune function
  • Minimizes stress that impairs immune health and its response system.
  • Promotes white cell production
  • Supports faster recovery during declined health
  • Helps balance endocannabinoid system function
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As effective as your immune system is at guarding and protecting your body and mind, it needs the proper support to do its job at a consistently high level. CBG directly activates your endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) CB2 receptors that are located primarily in the immune system. This ECS activation helps create a stable and balanced environment for your immune system to thrive and supports its role of guarding your health and well-being.

Research has begun to conclude that CBG—known as the mother of cannabinoids—boasts neuroprotective properties that help restore and sustain nervous system health. And with antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties, CBG also helps balance and improve gut health and supports optimal immune cell function.

500mg CBG PER BOTTLE   16.67mg per serving

Additionally, CBG boosts anandamide levels—the endocannabinoid compound that promotes an increase of dopamine levels. This boost helps to brighten mood, appetite, and sleep cycles.



SHIELD's spectrum of adaptogenic herbs helps invigorate and safeguard the dual branches and complex networks that make up your immune system. From maximizing gut health and cellular integrity to optimizing immune response time and neutralizing threats, each herbal component in SHIELD helps you reap the wellness benefits of a well-maintained immune system.

Sourced from the cleanest botanical ingredients, these nutrient-rich herbal adaptogens work in unison to minimize daily stress so your immune system can perform at its absolute best by night and day.

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    Botanical Herb

    A supreme immunostimulant, Echinacea is widely known for its notable effect on immune health—as its properties increase white blood cell counts and help with recovery. Other than cannabinoids and terpenes, Echinacea is one of only a few botanicals that directly support the endocannabinoid system’s CB2 receptors that are known to help balance immune system function.



    Botanical Herb

    Research shows that Pau d'Arco helps boost immune response activity by nearly 50 percent when ingested regularly. Native to the Amazon Rainforest, compounds from the inner bark of the Pau d'Arco tree are an excellent source of antioxidants and help ease discomfort.



    Botanical Herb

    Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, Elderberry is one of the earliest botanical remedies used to support immune system health and ease cold and flu symptoms. Experts also suggest that elderberry helps tame body discomfort, eases cold and flu symptoms, lessens stress, and aids heart health.

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    Botanical Herb

    Known for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, Oil of Oregano has been used for thousands of years as an immune booster and guardian of immune cell and tissue health. Oil of Oregano is known for its defense against toxin damage, for its properties that prevent tissue damage, and as a treatment to ease cold and flu symptoms.



    Botanical Herb

    Oil of the Eucalyptus tree has been used in traditional and modern medicine for its ability to stimulate the innate immune system—the branch that is the first to jump into action when a pathogen threat has occurred. Like reishi and licorice, Eucalyptus helps to restore and support respiratory health by cooling the lungs, soothing cough and bronchi and easing excess inflammation.




    Ancient records show that Asian Ginseng is one of the first botanical extracts to be used to improve health and well-being and is a staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Oils from the fleshy ginseng root help to boost and modulate optimal immune function. Ginseng is also known to stimulate physical and mental activity and helps strengthen cognitive function when fatigued or worn down.

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    A botanical symbol for well-being, garlic extract may help boost virus-fighting T-cells and helps to open blood vessels, allowing for greater immune cell circulation. Garlic has also been shown to decrease adrenal fatigue that can strain the immune system’s function.




    A potent adaptogen known as the “king of herbs” in Chinese culture, Reishi has been used for centuries and studied extensively as a way to enhance immune function and increase white blood cell production, which helps fight infection and improve health imbalances.




    Used as the carrier oil in SHIELD, recent research has shown MCT possesses immune modulating properties. We use organic sourced MCT.

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    Evidence suggests that eating a variety of foods rich in Vitamin A, especially fruits and vegetables, known for their anti-inflammatory properties that are critical to enhancing immune function against infection.




    Clove flower buds contain high amounts of antioxidants, which aid the immune system in fighting off oxidative damage and free radicals. Clove supports respiratory health, is rich in flavonoids, helps expel mucus, and contains eugenol—known to increase immunity.




    Licorice has an affinity for protecting the respiratory system, helps to boost endurance and energy, soothes muscles in the bronchi, and contains many antiviral and antibacterial properties.

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    The name may sound unpleasant, but Chinese Skullcap’s benefits are anything but. Widely used in Eastern medicine for centuries, Skullcap is known to balance beneficial inflammatory responses in the immune and respiratory systems, and—as an immunomodulator—helps to activate appropriate immune responses to varying threats.




    Spearmint's benefits range far further than as a flavor for gum and mouthwash. A traditional herb, spearmint contains relaxant properties that help soothe the GI tract and respiratory system, and helps clear heat and congestion.


    Botanical Herb

    The extract from the leaves of the olive tree helps enhance immune system function. Specifically, as an immunostimulant, olive leaf activates immune responses and increases activity when necessary. Its bitter properties help to modulate the parasympathetic nervous system—promoting states of rest and regeneration.



    Found predominantly in lavender and cannabis, linalool is a natural relaxant with a very gentle aromatic scent. It has beneficial balancing properties that support respiratory health and helps promote calm and relaxation.



    Carrying a woody and fruity scent reminiscent of tree bark, Nerolidol is found extensively in ginger, orange flower, and jasmine and hemp. It holds anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial properties that all help the immune system, and is known for its light relaxant effect.



    Geraniol is present in many sweet-smelling plants and flowers, like roses, lemongrass, citronella, coriander, peaches, blueberries, and carrots. This primary terpene has been studied for its immunomodulatory effect, helping to modify an ideal immune response, and contains properties that limit physical distress.



Like the immune system that weaves and connects throughout your entire body your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex signaling network that communicates with your brain, glands, organs, tissues, and cells. Made up of receptors (CB1 & CB2), cannabinoids, and enzymes, the ECS’ primary role is to balance and support the function of other body systems—most notably your immune system.



A formula that combines premium-quality hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, and time-tested botanical extracts, SHIELD has been reviewed and approved by professional herbalists with expertise in traditional therapeutics and phytochemistry for its immune-support effectiveness.

Suggested Use: For optimal immune system maintenance, take 1mL daily. During days of body imbalance, take 0.5mL every 3 hours. Do not exceed 2mL in a 24-hour period. Shake well before each use.

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ϯϯ Natural variations can occur.

Other Active Ingredients: MCT Oil (organic coconut), Hemp extract (organic hemp), Olive oil, Water & Honey.

Keep out of the reach of children. Pregnant women, nursing mothers or children should refrain from taking this product unless advised by their physician. As with any dietary supplement, consult with your physician before use if you have or suspect you have a medical condition or are taking any medications.

SHIELD Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SHIELD?

    SHIELD is an unparalleled daily immune support hemp extract. Unlike any other immune-supporting product on the market, SHIELD is a unique formula composed of 18 essential and highly coveted ingredients designed to help your body modulate and maintain optimal immune health. It has been carefully crafted and reviewed with positive approval by professional herbalists with expertise in traditional therapeutics and phytochemistry.

    SHIELD contains a synergistic array of scientifically researched ingredients with potent anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating activity. Combining premium-quality CBG Hemp extract, time-tested botanicals like Elderberry, Echinacea, Oregano, Garlic, and more, with hemp-identical terpenes, the SHIELD formulation offers full-body immune support with the added benefit of protecting your respiratory health.

    The herbs in SHIELD have an excellent safety profile and can be used with confidence at appropriate serving amounts suggested. SHIELD is a high-performance immune support supplement.

  • SHIELD is known to help:
    • • Fortify immune strength
    • • Balance immune responses
    • • Stimulate immune cell production
    • • Modulate balanced immune system
    • • Minimize the negative impacts stress and tension have on immune health
  • Why is Immune Support important?

    In a world that contains countless threats to your health, a strong and responsive immune system is the key to feeling active, resilient, and at your best. Year-round, it’s vital that your immune system is in an ideal condition to protect you from a wide range of pathogen threats like viruses, bacteria, and toxins. In addition, the immune system is responsible for managing proper immune responses against harmless external triggers such as food or the body's own tissue.
    As vigilant and active as the immune system is, it’s function and health is easily suppressed by negative emotions and poor lifestyle choices, like lack of sleep and exercise and diets low in phytonutrients. Conversely, positive moods and healthy lifestyle choices strengthen the immune system; it’s cell production, response time, and performance.
    The immune system is known to respond very well to nutritional support and herbal stimulation. SHIELD’s spectrum of 18 carefully curated botanical ingredients and CBG provide a wide-range of immune-supportive benefits, including antioxidant, immunomodulating, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory properties. Each of these botanical benefits helps to keep your immune system strong, active, and balanced day and night.

  • What is the immune system?

    Since the moment you were born your immune system has been your internal guardian. An intelligent and complex body system, the strength and endurance of the immune system has a direct effect on every other vital function of the human body.

    Made up of cells, proteins, organs, and chemicals, your immune system interconnects throughout your entire body. Round the clock, this vast protection system recognizes the difference between your body’s own cells and foreign cells and tissues, and works strategically to fight and eliminate pathogen threats that are potentially harmful to your body’s systems, processes, and overall health.

  • The immune system is made up of several areas including:
    • Lymphocytes Immune Cells
    • T-cells: Help eliminate cells infected by a foreign pathogen or invader
    • B-cells: Create antibody proteins that latch onto and destroy foreign, invading cells

    • Leukocytes Immune Cells
    • White blood cells: Biologically programmed to identify and destroy pathogen cells

    Antibodies: Produced by immune cells in response to foreign invaders, antibodies (proteins) latch onto antigens (foreign substances) triggering an appropriate immune response.

    • Lymphatic System
    • Bone Marrow: Produces white blood cells (leukocytes)
    • Lymph Nodes: Produce and store infection-fighting cells
    • Thymus: Organ where T-cells are matured
    • Spleen: Recycles faulty red blood cells and stores platelets and white blood cells

    Mucus: These membranes line the mouth, lungs, throat and bowels, serve as a barrier to germs invasion.
    Gut: Known as the immune system’s control tower, the gut is packed with 70-80% of your body’s immune cells. Healthy gut bacteria suppresses the invasion pathogens into the body.

  • Why isn’t SHIELD formulated with PrimeMyBody’s Sonicated Nano-Technology™?

    While Sonicated Nano-Technology™ formulas are a tremendously valuable delivery system for most hemp extracts, it is not the best choice for an immune supportive supplement like SHIELD. Since 70-80% of immune cells are located in the GI Tract (gut), it is important that all of SHIELD’s nutrient-rich ingredients are delivered to the body directly through your digestive tract, rather than absorbed into the bloodstream via oral cavity.

  • What is the suggested serving size for SHIELD?

    For daily immune health maintenance, the suggested serving size is 0.5-1 mL per day. If you are feeling body or immune imbalance, we suggest taking 0.5 mL servings every 3-4 hours. Do not exceed 2 mL per day. If you have questions about what serving size is best for you, we recommend that you consult with a qualified physician or medical health professional prior to taking SHIELD.

  • What time of day is best to take SHIELD?

    SHIELD is best taken in the morning and/or afternoon. We do not recommend taking SHIELD during the evening, as the formulation may keep you awake.

  • Why do I need to shake the bottle prior to each serving?

    Due to varying ingredient weights, some may settle at the bottom of the bottle or suspend in the carrier oil before opening and after each use. For formula consistency, be sure to shake well before each use. It’s best to clear the dropper before shaking. This will ensure the ingredients are mixed and distributed evenly to maximize the formula’s benefits with each serving.

  • What is the flavor profile of SHIELD?

    SHIELD is 100% naturally flavored by its ingredients. It boasts a pleasant, earthy flavor in which the palate profile favors the spearmint and elderberry ingredients. SHIELD contains no artificial or other flavoring additives.

  • Is SHIELD an organic formulation?

    All but four of the ingredients in SHIELD are organic.

  • How much would it cost to buy all these ingredients separately?

    The ingredients in SHIELD have been carefully formulated to deliver the most effective benefits for immune health in a daily suggested serving. A 30-day supply of each of the botanical extract ingredients in SHIELD would cost in the range of $450-500. SHIELD is an incredible value at a retail cost of $159.

  • How is SHIELD different and why is it worth the price?

    For your vitality and well-being, we will always place an emphasis on ingredient and formulation quality. SHIELD is crafted with the purest botanicals and herbs available. SHIELD was researched and developed extensively for maximum immune support and is a complete immune modulation and immune wellness supplement. There is not another immune support supplement on the market that compares to SHIELD in the number of quality, immune-supporting ingredients that are in our formula. Additionally, while most CBG products on the market are made from distillate or oil, SHIELD uses an isolate form of CBG—which is the purest, most expensive form of CBG to produce.

  • Is it necessary to take SHIELD with food?

    SHIELD can be taken with or without food. Please consult your healthcare provider on what may be best suited for you.

  • How do I ensure I do not contaminate SHIELD while taking the product?

    The oral cavity has a natural, bacterial environment. To ensure you do not contaminate the formulation by touching the dropper to your mouth or tongue, you might consider dispensing SHIELD from the dropper onto a spoon before consumption.

  • Is it necessary to hold each serving in my mouth before swallowing?

    No. It is recommended to swallow each SHIELD serving once taken into the mouth. SHIELD’s ingredients work best with direct absorption into the digestive tract, where it is designed to be most effective.

  • If I am pregnant or nursing can I take SHIELD?

    Pregnant or nursing mothers should consult with your qualified physician or medical health professional prior to taking SHIELD.

  • Can I give SHIELD to my children?

    Please check with your qualified physician or healthcare provider prior to giving SHIELD to your children.

  • What is the shelf life of SHIELD?

    Prior to opening, SHIELD’s shelf life is 2 years from the manufacturing date. SHIELD is best consumed within 60 days after opening. To sustain the formula, store in a refrigerator after opening. Keep the lid secure and store the bottle in an upright position when not in use. SHIELD is best stored in a cool, and dry environment out of direct sunlight.

  • What are the ingredients in SHIELD?

    CBG: A spotlight ingredient in SHIELD, CBG (cannabigerol) benefits your immune system and general wellness.
    CBG directly activates your endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) CB2 receptors that are located primarily in the immune system. This ECS activation helps create a stable and balanced environment for your immune system to thrive and supports its role of guarding your well-being.
    Research is revealing that CBG—also known as the “stem-cell phytocannabinoid”—boasts neuroprotective properties that help restore and sustain nervous system health. With antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties, CBG helps balance and improve gut health and supports immune cell functionality. Additionally, CBG boosts anandamide levels—the endocannabinoid compound that promotes an increase of dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, one of those chemicals that is responsible for transmitting signals between the nerve cells (neurons) of the brain.
    CBG (cannabigerol) is a non-psychoactive hemp phytocannabinoid that plays an important role in the biochemistry of industrial hemp plants. CBG is a precursor or parent compound to most other phytocannabinoids, including CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBG occurs in the hemp plant in small amounts and is more prevalent in hemp strains that are not fully matured. Because industrial hemp plants are known to produce only trace amounts of CBG, we take sophisticated measures to extract CBG for its use in our specially formulated hemp extracts.

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